Andrew Bennett

Manager Photo Services

Andrew draws on a wealth of photography and multi-media experience that spans more than 20 years and includes: international photojournalism, photo lab technician and manager, and micrographics technician.

Andrew has been shooting Virtual Tours with SeeVirtual for 10 years and is responsible for driving the highest photography quality standards in our industry. He has an unrelenting habit of putting the customer first as well as a deep technical knowledge of photography. Andrew enjoys the challenge of shooting Virtual Tours in any kind of weather conditions and making every shot look great (but a nice summer morning is his favorite)!

Andrew lives in Langley with his wife Irma and their 3 children. When not working, Andrew does volunteer litter pickup for the Township of Langley, and also volunteers at his church. Gardening, cycling, and lapidary are also some of his interests and sees each day as a gift from God. His personal photography work has been shown in galleries and you can view some of his work here