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Are You Colour Blind?

Do you have difficulty discerning differences in colours and colour tones? To find out if you are colour blind, see if you can read the number in each of the circles in the image below.                                         […]

Is Your Monitor Calibration Wonky?

Do you ever wonder if the images you are viewing on your computer are displaying correctly and showing the correct density and colour tone? Anytime you are concerned about the density and/or colour accuracy of images you are viewing on your computer monitor, whether your images or those of others, its best to check to […]

YouTube Video Title Update From SeeVirtual

SeeVirtual is now posting YouTube videos with the address of the listing displayed first in the title of the video. This will improve the SEO (search engine optimization) quality of the Video listings. This will also help the YouTube channel presentation for the REALTORS® who are using playlists to add the videos to their channel.

How to Easily Add Someone Else’s YouTube Videos to Your Own YouTube Channel

Many Real Estate agents would like to build their Channel profile on YouTube, but the videos have been created and uploaded for them by another YouTuber. As an example SeeVirtual creates and uploads real estate Day–usually this smells I a 45 until, – all oranges that. I a they shipping was with normal and sparkles […]

How to Avoid Gross Yellow Real Estate Photos

The eye is easily deceived. It happened to me today. I was in a kitchen preparing to shoot a panorama. I set the camera (Nikon D80, 12-24 Tokina lens) to ‘Incandescent Mode’ and began shooting the pan. I thought the images looked slightly warm (orange/yellow), so I then shot the panorama on ‘Manual Colour Balance […]