Laser Distance Measuring Devices

Once in a while, when our clients see us measuring a real estate property, they were surprised that instead of a long tape measure in our hands, we have a tablet PC on one hand and a little gadget on another. Our little device – called a laser distance meter – does almost all the […]

Is Your Monitor Calibration Wonky?

Do you ever wonder if the images you are viewing on your computer are displaying correctly and showing the correct density and colour tone? Anytime you are concerned about the density and/or colour accuracy of images you are viewing on your computer monitor, whether your images or those of others, its best to check to […]

SeeVirtual Now an Ubertor Preferred Vendor

We are proud to announce that SeeVirtual is now an Ubertor Platinum Approved Vendor! Ubertor is a Real Estate website platform that comes with easy-to-use SEO features, video integration, and a great support team. Being an Ubertor Preferred Vendor makes it incredibly easy to integrate our real estate Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and HD video […]

eSignOnline® eSignatures Can Save You Hours

SeeVirtual has partnered with GoPaperless to provide BC and Canadian REALTORS® with eSignOnline®, an easy-to-use web tool that eliminates the time you spend waiting on faxes or paper documents, or driving to get them.   What is eSignOnline®? eSignOnline® is a web-based tool you can use to upload documents and capture electronic signatures (e-signatures) on […]

Sign Toppers: Increase Traffic and Quality Showings

We’re Sizing Up Your Virtual Tour Sign Toppers Want more traffic to your listings and targeted showings with more qualified buyers? Tell them with a sign topper or even add it to your sign! Let potential buyers know you’ve done more marketing than 90% of the other Real Estate agents out there and have provided […]

Make an Impact: Real Estate Photo Books

A Photo Book is Worth a Thousand Thank-You’s! SeeVirtual now offers beautifully printed 8.5″x11″ keepsakes contain images of your client’s home that will look outstanding in their new living rooms and on their new coffee tables. Not only do these make great gifts for your clients, but they’ll also come in handy for you to take to […]

Floor Plan Measuring for Real Estate: FAQ

Often times when we first meet our new clients, we get a few common questions regarding how things are done when we do our floor plan measuring. Here are the frequently asked questions by REALTORS® and homeowners: What is your title? How long does it take to measure? Do you measure closets, pantries? Do you […]

SeeVirtual’s Standard For Calculating Residential Square Footage

  Every once in a while, Realtors wonder and ask us how our total square footage is calculated. Depending on the types of properties we are measuring, we have different standards to follow to calculate the total usable square footage. When measuring on-site, we take in as much information as we need to construct a […]

Measuring Floor Plans with Your Phone? Review of the MagicPlan App

Mobile technologies continue to impress us. We can now do so much more with smartphones and their apps than ever before. When it comes to measuring Floor Plans, we have heard from some of our customers about an interesting app called MagicPlan by Sensopia Inc that can create a simple floor plan that is “as […]

Should You Shoot RAW or Jpeg?

We photograph Real Estate listings for a long list of loyal clientele and want to ensure that our images have the best possible dynamic range (good highlight and shadow detail). To help achieve that goal we decided to compare shooting in the RAW format compared to the Jpeg format. Would we get better results starting […]