Email Virtual Tours Directly to the Homebuyer

Sell listings faster by reminding homebuyers what they’re looking for When buying a home, it’s easy to forget the details after seeing so many listings. While the Real Estate agent remembers things like square footage, location, and number of beds and bathrooms, the homebuyer may want to look at a listing multiple times before making […]

Thermal Exclusions (a.k.a Free Square Footage)

Thermal exclusions are the “free square footage” from designing and building thicker exterior walls to provide better insulation which the City of Vancouver allows as extra square feet for a home, on top of the allowable square footage. To home buyers looking for Real Estate, it is simply a part of the Total Finished Area […]

Easily avoid suspension, fines, and coursework for missing signatures on contracts

The recent ruling of the Real Estate the importance of securing the signature or initials of the client. There are 3 ways to get the Authentic signature or initial the first is in person, the secound might be by fax, and the 3rd is by using e-sign. Please keep this in mind for future reference. […]

Are You Colour Blind?

Do you have difficulty discerning differences in colours and colour tones? To find out if you are colour blind, see if you can read the number in each of the circles in the image below.                                         […]

SeeVirtual sponsor’s Andy Schildhorn’s Ride for Cancer

How to Access MLXChange from Your Mac Computer

Learn how to install and run IDS for Mac Access to MLXChange Introducing guest blogger, Darren Coleman from Coleman Technologies. — Can I use MLXChange from my Mac? Many real estate professionals ask me if it is possible to access the MLXChange system on a Mac computer. You can, just by installing IDS (Information Delivery […]

Setting Up Google Places for Your Business

Sites like Google have changed and will continue to change the way we do business. Setting your business up on Google Places (Google’s local directory listings) will undoubtedly open up many new doors for your services. By setting up your business listing with Google will get your business listed on Google Places, Google Maps as […]

Is Your Monitor Calibration Wonky?

Do you ever wonder if the images you are viewing on your computer are displaying correctly and showing the correct density and colour tone? Anytime you are concerned about the density and/or colour accuracy of images you are viewing on your computer monitor, whether your images or those of others, its best to check to […]

SeeVirtual Now an Ubertor Preferred Vendor

We are proud to announce that SeeVirtual is now an Ubertor Platinum Approved Vendor! Ubertor is a Real Estate website platform that comes with easy-to-use SEO features, video integration, and a great support team. Being an Ubertor Preferred Vendor makes it incredibly easy to integrate our real estate Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and HD video […]

eSignOnline® eSignatures Can Save You Hours

SeeVirtual has partnered with GoPaperless to provide BC and Canadian REALTORS® with eSignOnline®, an easy-to-use web tool that eliminates the time you spend waiting on faxes or paper documents, or driving to get them.   What is eSignOnline®? eSignOnline® is a web-based tool you can use to upload documents and capture electronic signatures (e-signatures) on […]