Floor Plan Measuring Error & Omissions

Keep in mind with any floor plan measurement errors is that the risk lies in the discrepancy, not that total square footage (i.e. you cannot be held liable for the entire purchase/sale price of the home). If there is a discrepancy, the liable amount would be based on the error as a percentage of the total square footage. However, if they buyer were to sue after purchase because of a discrepancy, prior cases have shown that the discrepancy in size must have forced a change in the lifestyle/intention of use of the property purchased, not simply that there is an error and should have discounted the total purchase price based on a dollar/sqft rate. Measuring practice standards on as-built floor plans allow for up to 2% error. This is almost always attributed to the variance in wall thicknesses based on the materials used to build the structure (wall thickness can very significantly even on the same structure). On stand-alone units (no shared walls), exterior edge to exterior edge is used to calculate total square footage and unless you can cut through every wall to measure exact thicknesses, there will always be a small error in the calculation of total square footage. To help reduce wall thickness error in the measurements, SeeVirtual has developed a proprietary wall thickness measuring device we can use when we have an opening to measure around like a window or a door (which allows us to measure around trim). Ask one of our floor plan technicians to show you next time we measure one of your listings. Below

is the information about our E&O insurance: $1,000,000 E&O coverage Underwritten by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company Brokered by FPB Insurance Brokers Ltd. If the client needs third party verification, they can obtain a Certificate Of Insurance from FPB Insurance Brokers. Contact information is below:  

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