Make an Impact: Real Estate Photo Books

Real Estate Photo BooksA Photo Book is Worth a Thousand Thank-You’s!

SeeVirtual now offers beautifully printed 8.5″x11″ keepsakes contain images of your client’s home that will look outstanding in their new living rooms and on their new coffee tables. Not only do these make great gifts for your clients, but they’ll also come in handy for you to take to your next listing presentation.


What’s Included?Real Estate Photo Books

Each Photo Book is a professionally printed and bound hardcover book with twenty pages to showcase your client’s new home. Each book can also be personalized to your taste and your branding. Choose which photographs are included and select the image you want on the cover—it can even be one of yourself! We’ll also put your own logo and slogan on the back of the dust-jacket, and your name will be featured on the spine and in the binding itself. We can also add in your own photos, of say the family on the front lawn or your clients putting the sold sticker on the For Sale sign, something to add your personal touch.

The Photo Book also comes encased in its own slipcover, which can be easily removed to reveal your personalized dust-jacket. High quality images of your client’s home offer them a unique gift worth priceless sentimental value, but SeeVirtual can also create a custom Photo Book of your own.

Build a Custom Listing Presentation Book

Create your own presentation book with your branding from a combination of your previous listings. Use it as a tool for your listing presentations to showcase to your potential clients the beautiful properties you have successfully sold and the expert level of marketing and care you provide for all your clients. A customized Photo Book can also simply, yet powerfully, be used as reading material for your clients to explore while waiting in your office!

Interested in more details on the Photo Book? Watch our video:

Experience the Impact!

We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our clients and how it helps them secure a listing or how their clients were blown away when they were given the Photo Book of their home. All you need is to try one to start experiencing and making an impact. If you have any questions or would like to view a sample of the Photo Book, please contact us or speak with one of our Real Estate Photographers or Floor Plan Measuring Technicians during your next appointment.

Get a Photo Book of one of your listings:

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Build a custom presentation Photo Book:

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