SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography

The 360 Experience

The Photographers of SeeVirtual360 Marketing & Photography have created more than 30,000 Interactive Virtual Tours! Join our team today and be a part of our growing industry!

We are on the lookout for a highly skilled Virtual Tour Photographer to join our 'Dream Team' in Abbotsford - Chilliwack. Do you have what it takes? Are you someone who is able to solve problems and figure out stuff on your own? 

Here's what you get:
• Great architectural photography experience! 
• Work is based from your home!
• The more you work, the more you make!
• No B.S. - We treat our people honestly and with respect
• Free time in the winter months to travel and relax!
• Experience the reward of helping others

Here's what we need:
• Must have BC drivers license
• Reliable car
• Must have DSLR (pro model not necessary)
• Must have Formal Photography Education
• Experience with architectural photography an asset
• Professional attire required
• Honest
• Hard working (not afraid to sweat or "get your hands dirty")
• Organized, Responsive, & ALWAYS on time.
• Great attitude
• Desire to improve and embrace feedback

Areas of Work

Real Estate Virtual Tours

You will be photographing everything from multimillion dollar estates to mobile homes and tear downs! Every day brings new opportunity.

Rental Virtual Tours

We photograph rental buildings for the Property Management Industry. Online Virtual Tours direct rental clients to the property.

Corporate Virtual Tours

We create Virtual Tours of Hotels, Golf Course, Recreational Facilities, and much more. The work is varied and always interesting!

What Our Photographers Say

"SeeVirtual gives me freedom to book my own schedule and takes away a lot of responsibilities I don't need as a photographer. I only have to worry about making sure the photos look their best.

They provide me with all the clients who are (mostly) flexible with accommodating my schedule, and are great to work with. The SeeVirtual staff is very supportive and are always there to help me when I need it.

Working from home is part of what gives flexibility to my schedule and our clients. Not needing to travel to and from a central location everyday frees up a lot of time for me to work more, and earn more.

The best part of working here for me would be always meeting friendly people, and getting to photograph some very lovely homes on a regular basis." 

Duy Nguyen, Professional Photographer, Surrey

"I’ve worked with Seevirtual now for over 10 years and there are many reasons why I continue to stay.  Being home based and having the flexibility that Seevirtual gives me, allows me to be able to run my portrait photography business as well as work around my two young daughter’s busy schedules.

Seevirtual’s quality standards are high and they offer me tips and suggestions for how I can improve my technique while still allowing me to be creative.  This in turn attracts amazing clients who know an outstanding service when they see one. Combined with a professional team and scenery that is always changing, I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. "

Liz Seguin, Professional Photographer, Agassiz

"I love that SeeVirtual really focuses on ensuring their product is consistently of the highest quality. I also appreciate their approach to customer service, which makes it clear that customer satisfaction is a very high priority.

Working with SeeVirtual clients has been a really positive experience. Whether the client is a homeowner or realtor, I have come to take pride in offering a service that will help them achieve their goal in selling their/their client's home. In most cases, the clients have been very enthusiastic about the service/products that we provide

One of the greatest things has been being in control of my own schedule. I'm able to schedule around child care needs and my availability with relative ease, making it quite easy to avoid early mornings or late evenings.  Also, it's nice to be based out of my own home; there is no office to commute back and forth to. If I need to take an occasional day off it's usually quite easy to not book any shoots that day, and taking occasional longer periods of time off is relatively easy as SeeVirtual has a fantastic community of photographers who all seem happy to cover for each other. 

Another great thing about working for SeeVirtual is the work never becomes repetitive or monotonous - every virtual tour is of a different home, apartment, or business. Some virtual tours are relatively quick and easy, while others may be more challenging and time consuming but also end up being more rewarding.  The job consists of a good mixture of the physical/on my feet work of shooting, and the non-physical work of the clerical side of things (calling clients/setting up tours), and the computer side of things (sorting and labeling the images).  And although I work alone, I am encountering different people all of the time."

Paul Weimer, Professional Photographer, Chilliwack

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Once you have completed the Application form, you will need to share your Resume and a one-page summary via Google Docs that explains why you are the best person to  join our Team.