How to Easily Add Someone Else’s YouTube Videos to Your Own YouTube Channel

Many Real Estate agents would like to build their Channel profile on YouTube, but the videos have been created and uploaded for them by another YouTuber. As an example SeeVirtual creates and uploads real estate

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videos for every listing we photograph on behalf of our REALTORS®. Our customers then want to have these videos show up on their personalized YouTube channel. Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this:

  • We could transfer the video file to the REALTOR® using a service like but video files are usually quite large and take a long time to transfer.
  • Another option our clients have tried is the Firefox Add-on. They download the video directly from YouTube and then upload it to their YouTube account (for a how-to video ).
  • By far the easiest solution for the REALTOR® is to use the YouTube Playlist option to add the videos already on YouTube to their own channel. Watch our Video Tutorial below that explains the process:

Here is with all of his listing videos that we have created for him. If you have any questions about how to do this or to get your listings on YouTube please comment below or .

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