Email Virtual Tours Directly to the Homebuyer

Sell listings faster by reminding homebuyers what they’re looking for

When buying a home, it’s easy to forget the details after seeing so many listings. While the Real Estate agent remembers things like square footage, location, and number of beds and bathrooms, the homebuyer may want to look at a listing multiple times before making a decision. But why waste time driving all over the place when you can show the client his or her potential home with just an email?

Email the buyer agent a link to your real estate virtual tour

That way, the buyer agent can forward the virtual tour to their client as a reminder. Instead of going back to the listing, the client can just head to their inbox if they want to see that particularly nice kitchen again. Having the virtual tour right at hand will refresh their memories and help make decision-making a faster and easier process. Today’s homebuyer is turning digital, and so is the real estate industry.

    • More and more, transactions are done online with e-signatures rather than in person.
    • The agent-client relationship exists via email and smartphone.
  • Homebuyers are young and tech-savvy–they’re more likely to go to the internet for information than make a phone call.

The real estate industry must adapt to accommodate homebuyers and sellers who are used to living in a digital environment. That’s why it makes sense to send the client online after showing the listing in person. Make your job easier by sending the link for your virtual tour to the buyer agent so they can forward it on to their client. You can even attach still images of the listing so it’s in the buyer’s inbox as a reminder. The faster the homebuyer decides–the faster you’ll be able to sell. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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