eSignOnline® eSignatures Can Save You Hours

SeeVirtual has partnered with GoPaperless to provide BC and Canadian REALTORS® with eSignOnline®, an easy-to-use web tool that eliminates the time you spend waiting on faxes or paper documents, or driving to get them.


What is eSignOnline®?

eSignOnline® is a web-based tool you can use to upload documents and capture electronic signatures (e-signatures) on contracts, documents, and forms. With an easy-to-use interface and access from anywhere, you can create documents for signatures using a simple wizard interface, email out for signatures, and get confirmations very fast! Clients can be invited by email to review and eSign the documents necessary to list and sell their home in an encrypted web session – streamlining the process for both agent and client without printing, scanning, or even being in the same place! What normally takes hours or days can now happen in minutes. Save the time and cost associated with paper, faxing, driving, and waiting! No more paper, no pen, no shipping, no waiting for documents in the mail, and no driving to a client’s house or to the office to pick up a document.  

Signatures created using eSignOnline® are secure, encrypted, and legally binding.

The Real Estate Council of BC recently stated their position on eSignatures in their . Since then, hundreds of Real Estate transactions involving eSignatures have gone through both the REBGV and the FVREB. to view the Electronic Transactions Act of BC For more information regarding the legality, integrity, and authenticity of the eSignature, .

What Are the Advantages of eSignOnline®?

What are the advantages for using eSignOnline® for electronic signatures on contracts?

  • Complete signing session from any computer with internet access.
  • Capture secure signatures from parties anywhere, anytime.
  • Security and Compliancy with Electronic Signature Law.
  • Easy wizard format—just follow the steps!


No more paper, printing, mailing, driving, shipping, or waiting.

How Does eSignOnline® Work?

Check out this step-by-step demo of creating an eSignature session and getting a signature start to finish:     See how to use eSignOnline® Templates to save you tons of time by pre-populating signing locations on documents you use over and over again:

Want to get started saving yourself time and money while improving the service to your clients and making it more convenient for them?

You can start month-to-month with no contract for only $9.95 plus taxes and cancel at anytime!

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