SeeVirtual Now an Ubertor Preferred Vendor

Ubertor Preferred VendorWe are proud to announce that SeeVirtual is now an Ubertor Platinum Approved Vendor!

Ubertor is a Real Estate website platform that comes with easy-to-use SEO features, video integration, and a great support team.

Being an Ubertor Preferred Vendor makes it incredibly easy to integrate our real estate Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and HD video into each listing. Ubertor is the only platform we’ve found so far that will allow this level of multi-media integration for each listing, which we can do directly for our customers, further eliminating administrative steps while freeing them up to do what they do best—list and sell homes!

We can integrate the entire SeeVirtual Tour directly into Ubertor’s listing pages, including:

  • Loading our Professional Photos to your listings
  • Our Interactive 360° Panoramas with floor plan overlay and hotspots
  • Our Floor Plans which are viewable in-line without having to download
  • Our HD videos in larger presentation format than Ubertor’s standard set-up
  • Walkscore for seeing what amenities, schools, restaurants, etc., are in the neighbourhood
  • More accurate StreetView and Map geo-location using our enhanced geo-coding
  • Uploaded Feature Sheets which are viewable in-line

SeeVirtual’s professional content in combination with an Ubertor website helps enhance your brand’s presentation as well as keep it consistent by allowing us to direct all links from sites like YouTube, Craigslist, Kijiji,, and, as well as the thousands of other real estate websites SeeVirtual tour links are posted on, directly to your Ubertor website.

Not only can we integrate our Virtual Tours and multi-media to drive better quality traffic to our customer’s websites, we can also increase the visitor engagement once they hit the site. Our integration success so far has seen significant increases in referral traffic, time-on-site, pageviews, and a decrease in bounce rate.

Being an Ubertor Preferred Vendor also allows us to offer discounts and promotions on Ubertor’s services, including 4 months of a new Ubertor website for only $1! (Use this link when ordering to get the deal!)

Contact us today to learn how to get more out of your website and listing presentations.

Also check out what one of our customers has to say about the Ubertor platform:

“Having my website customized made it so easy to use, especially for someone who really had little Internet experience before getting into Real Estate. Basically, [Ubertor] is a really user friendly company for both sides of the equation. For the Realtor with their own website but also for people who arrive on our Ubertor websites. I had many clients appreciate how easy their pages were to navigate. Whenever I had trouble trying to set something up their staff were always very helpful in walking me through the necessary steps to help me complete my tasks. And now that SeeVirtual has integrated all my virtual tours, floor plans, and videos on my listings, I’m very impressed with the increases in my website performance”—Bettina Reid

Visit The Bettina Reid Group’s listings to check out their new integrated Virtual Tours.


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