Top 10 Reasons To Use Floor Plans for Your Listings

  1. PROFESSIONALISM – you will look more professional to potential buyers (and gain their trust) by presenting detailed info of the property;
  • (or) your potential buyers will see your professionalism and gain trust with you and the property faster
  • ACCURACY – price the house based on accurate square footage; or have us verify the square footage from previous records
  • IMPRESS – makes your listings stand out from other competing properties
  • TIME-SAVING – saves time measuring rooms by yourself; we do the work and you make the money;
    • (or) just give us a call, and we will do the work for you
    • we do the
  • ATTRACTION – attracts potential buyers to visit the house on site;
  • DEDICATION (or something else) – shows your vendors that you are using all the best and unique marketing strategies to sell their homes fast;
  • VISUAL AID – help potential buyers visualize the spaces better before and after a visit to create a better impression and improve chances of a sale;
  • OVERSEAS (or smth else) – expand your market & provide information to non local potential buyers;
  • INSURED – measurements and calculations are covered by Errors and Omissions Insurance;
  • CALL US – you never know unless you try it out! Order Now or Later, but TODAY!
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