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Don’t let your “For Sale” sign ruin a great shot

Sign Details Visible

As the real estate photography company of choice for many of the top REALTORS in Vancouver, we’ve seen an increase in the number of photo take-down requests by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) which has affected our customers. The REBGV has some specific guidelines about Real Estate picture content: “The number of […]

Are You Colour Blind?


Do you have difficulty discerning differences in colours and colour tones? To find out if you are colour blind, see if you can read the number in each of the circles in the image below.                                         […]

Floor Plan Measuring Error & Omissions

Keep in mind with any floor plan measurement errors is that the risk lies in the discrepancy, not that total square footage (i.e. you cannot be held liable for the entire purchase/sale price of the home). If there is a discrepancy, the liable amount would be based on the error as a percentage of the […]

SeeVirtual sponsor’s Andy Schildhorn’s Ride for Cancer

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How to Access MLXChange from Your Mac Computer

Learn how to install and run IDS for Mac Access to MLXChange Introducing guest blogger, Darren Coleman from Coleman Technologies. – Can I use MLXChange from my Mac? Many real estate professionals ask me if it is possible to access the MLXChange system on a Mac computer. You can, just by installing IDS (Information Delivery […]

Top 10 Reasons To Use Floor Plans for Your Listings

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Setting Up Google Places for Your Business

Sites like Google have changed and will continue to change the way we do business. Setting your business up on Google Places (Google’s local directory listings) will undoubtedly open up many new doors for your services. By setting up your business listing with Google will get your business listed on Google Places, Google Maps as […]

Laser Distance Measuring Devices

Disto with its red laser dot on the wall

Once in a while, when our clients see us measuring a real estate property, they were surprised that instead of a long tape measure in our hands, we have a tablet PC on one hand and a little gadget on another. Our little device – called a laser distance meter – does almost all the […]

Is Your Monitor Calibration Wonky?

Density Target

Do you ever wonder if the images you are viewing on your computer are displaying correctly and showing the correct density and colour tone? Anytime you are concerned about the density and/or colour accuracy of images you are viewing on your computer monitor, whether your images or those of others, its best to check to […]

SeeVirtual Now an Ubertor Preferred Vendor

Ubertor Preferred Vendor

We are proud to announce that SeeVirtual is now an Ubertor Platinum Approved Vendor! Ubertor is a Real Estate website platform that comes with easy-to-use SEO features, video integration, and a great support team. Being an Ubertor Preferred Vendor makes it incredibly easy to integrate our real estate Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and HD video […]