Floor Plan Measuring Error & Omissions

Keep in mind with any floor plan measurement errors is that the risk lies in the discrepancy, not that total square footage (i.e. you cannot be held liable for the entire purchase/sale price of the home). If there is a discrepancy, the liable amount would be based on the error as a percentage of the […]

Laser Distance Measuring Devices

Once in a while, when our clients see us measuring a real estate property, they were surprised that instead of a long tape measure in our hands, we have a tablet PC on one hand and a little gadget on another. Our little device – called a laser distance meter – does almost all the […]

Floor Plan Measuring for Real Estate: FAQ

Often times when we first meet our new clients, we get a few common questions regarding how things are done when we do our floor plan measuring. Here are the frequently asked questions by REALTORS® and homeowners: What is your title? How long does it take to measure? Do you measure closets, pantries? Do you […]

SeeVirtual’s Standard For Calculating Residential Square Footage

  Every once in a while, Realtors wonder and ask us how our total square footage is calculated. Depending on the types of properties we are measuring, we have different standards to follow to calculate the total usable square footage. When measuring on-site, we take in as much information as we need to construct a […]

Measuring Floor Plans with Your Phone? Review of the MagicPlan App

Mobile technologies continue to impress us. We can now do so much more with smartphones and their apps than ever before. When it comes to measuring Floor Plans, we have heard from some of our customers about an interesting app called MagicPlan by Sensopia Inc that can create a simple floor plan that is “as […]

Interactive Floor Plans

One of our new features within our tours was inspired by a long time customer who suggested we create an interactive floor plan. The new floor plan overlaps the tour and has ‘hotspots’ and ‘radar’ letting the user click on links embedded within the plan. The links display the panorama picture of each room in […]