Should You Shoot RAW or Jpeg?

We photograph Real Estate listings for a long list of loyal clientele and want to ensure that our images have the best possible dynamic range (good highlight and shadow detail). To help achieve that goal we decided to compare shooting in the RAW format compared to the Jpeg format. Would we get better results starting […]

YouTube Video Title Update From SeeVirtual

SeeVirtual is now posting YouTube videos with the address of the listing displayed first in the title of the video. This will improve the SEO (search engine optimization) quality of the Video listings. This will also help the YouTube channel presentation for the REALTORS® who are using playlists to add the videos to their channel.

How to Easily Add Someone Else’s YouTube Videos to Your Own YouTube Channel

Many Real Estate agents would like to build their Channel profile on YouTube, but the videos have been created and uploaded for them by another YouTuber. As an example SeeVirtual creates and uploads real estate Day–usually this smells I a 45 until, – all oranges that. I a they shipping was with normal and sparkles […]

How to Avoid Gross Yellow Real Estate Photos

The eye is easily deceived. It happened to me today. I was in a kitchen preparing to shoot a panorama. I set the camera (Nikon D80, 12-24 Tokina lens) to ‘Incandescent Mode’ and began shooting the pan. I thought the images looked slightly warm (orange/yellow), so I then shot the panorama on ‘Manual Colour Balance […]

New fines for not having real estate photos of listings on MLS

Effective October 1, 2010 any Active listings that have been on the MLS® for ten days or more without a photo will be assessed a fine for being incomplete. Last week, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board issued an all-member memo regarding this new incomplete fine policy. The Board of Directors recently approved the change […]

Great NYTimes – The Appraisals article on Real Estate Photography

This article gives a good overview of why using professional photography and getting each room shot right is a huge advantage for selling the home especially when it is right next to similar places on an MLS or It has a great flash example at the beginning of the article with a before […]

Great Article: When a picture is worth …. the asking price

When a picture is worth …. the asking price: Why pro photos will pay off when selling your home It’s been long established that curb appeal has moved to your computer screen. For at least two years now, the National Association of Realtors has been saying that at least 85% of all home buyers first […]

Perspective is Everything!

When you are shooting an area, you need to pay attention to what is in your frame and play with different angles. Many rooms can look amazing by just changing the point of view. In the samples, the photographer shot straight on and captured not only the living space but the desk, fan and stacked […]

We’ve launched our new viewer!

SeeVirtual360 now has a new updated viewer with outstanding options and a more modern look. The viewer runs on a Flash platform that loads and displays better with the newer software found on today’s computers. The still photos run on a rotating carousel so you can scroll though the thumbnails and choose what you would […]

Put that point and shoot camera away!

Have you ever wondered why some Real Estate images look so much better than others? Skill and equipment! The eye sees differently than the camera does. Your eyes can scan around a room, focus on different spaces and make a smaller quaint room look appealing and warm. The camera, on the other hand, will capture […]