Real Estate Success Story: Sandra Jeffrey

Sandra Jeffrey
Lighthouse Realty Ltd.

Having started out as a commercial real estate agent, Sandra now works as a representative for selling real estate in Abbotsford, BC.

And she knows the importance of distinguishing herself from her competitors. Rather than focus on other markets, Sandra dedicates her marketing presence specificially to luxury homes in the Eagle Mountain community.

“Specializing in high end homes and staying focused is key to my business.”

During a time when Internet presence and web technology wasn’t evolving at the break-neck speed it is today, Sandra knew that the Virtual Tour would be a new and innovative marketing platform for the real estate industry when SeeVirtual approached her ten years ago. In fact, she was the first agent in Abbotsford to use a Virtual Tour.

“I was the forerunner for real estate Virtual Tours,” she remarks. When asked if she had any doubts about trying SeeVirtual for the first time, she recalls that there simply were none: “No doubts. It all works. I have not looked back since that day.”


Internet Exposure Plus Quality Equals Success

“I have used your company from the beginning. Without your help I’d be frustrated with having to take pictures and spend hours putting them up on all the sites. What a waste of my time when I can be out selling.”

Technology is transforming how we absorb information from the media industry today. When it comes to advertising, traditional outlets such as television, print, and radio, are simply becoming secondary to the steadfast development of web-based technology. The bottom line is that people are reaching for their computers and smart phones rather than the morning paper for their daily news. Well Sandra has taken advantage of these changes. “The exposure on the Internet coupled with the quality SeeVirtual helps me provide have both been an aid to my success as a Realtor.”

While Sandra focuses her efforts on the client, she can rely on the support of SeeVirtual to help build her business presence on the web. “The Internet has changed the way Realtors do business,” she explains. “The more exposure a Realtor gets on the Internet, the bigger the return on investing in Internet advertising such as SeeVirtual.”


The Customer Comes First

Although the way we market our businesses is changing because consumers are more often online than off, Sandra is adamant that the customer still comes first and expects her extended team to provide the same level of service that she does. “I’m a big fan of SeeVirtual in every aspect of the SeeVirtual team,” she says. “They are service oriented, which sets them apart from other service businesses.”

While Sandra’s focus is the client and the client’s needs, SeeVirtual helps her deliver a quality customer experience by providing opportunities for faster turnaround time, floor plan integration, videos, stats, and exposure on sharing networks such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Youtube.

Sandra is successful in real estate not only because she specializes in a competitive business, but because she is a believer that the customer comes first. With the support of the SeeVirtual team, she is able to maintain that focus on the client and on the Eagle Mountain community.

“The team at SeeVirtual is FABULOUS! They are accommodating and listen to my needs and help me improve my business all the time. They’re just an all around great company.”


If you’d like to speak with Sandra, you can reach her at 604-309-9743, or by e-mail