Success Story : Katronis Real Estate Team

Edith Katronis
Katronis Real Estate Team

#3 REALTOR® on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
#1 REALTOR® for Cloverdale
#2 HomeLife Benchmark REALTOR® in all of BC
#10 HomeLife Benchmark REALTOR® in all of Canada.
25 year Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Medallion Club member
Consistently in the top 5 of all REALTORS® on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

Edith has been selling real estate for over 25 years. She has SOLD more Cloverdale homes than any other REALTOR®, more than 1500 homes in total. Now every year she sells over 100 homes. She has become Cloverdale’s expert REALTOR® and is consistently in the top 5 of all REALTORS® on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

What Edith has to say about SeeVirtual:

Why do I work with SeeVirtual? Quick and easy.

It’s just so easy. I have SeeVirtual contact my sellers and it sounds very professional – to say we have a virtual tour company that will look after all your needs. “[SeeVirtual] will call you and arrange what time suits you best. They are professional photographers and they will look after everything”. Then I tell them this is what you have to do to prepare, de-clutter, get your garbage cans out, your car out of the driveway and so forth. But I’m not the photography expert and I look more professional by saying I have a professional company come in. But for me its ease, it’s easy. It’s the one part I don’t have to worry about.

And then the other thing when I talk about virtual tours, I also tell them that besides the photos, we also have a way of tracking the visitors. So that’s very important so we can track how many people are looking at your listing and if the hits are diminishing then maybe that means we have to adjust the price slightly or maybe we have to do something else. You have to be able to predict the market somewhat. With a volatile market, you think it’s going well and then all of a sudden, oh no, it’s slowing down again. So you need a method of keeping up with some stats so you get a better feel on the market and SeeVirtual gives us that.

People go on my website constantly and say, “I really like the pictures of your houses.” They think, “Oh my house could look like that if Edith came in and did the pictures of my house.”

It’s a tremendous listing tool. I just feel more confident that I have more information to bring. I’m always told that my presentations are really good. So, I think people really do appreciate it.

You have to spend money in this business to make money. And most realtors won’t spend it cause they don’t have systems in place. You guys are part of my system.